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DEEP THREAD COARSE THEAD, with TYPE 17 : The professional woodworkers choice-our deep thread design provides maximum holding power in a variety of different woods and man-mad material. Excellent holding power in particleboard, and even plastic composites. Making this one of our most popular fasteners for the furniture and cabinet industry.

Flat head screws idea for cabinet construction and furniture assembly.Smaller size screws used for attaching hardware parts to particleboard and softwoods.

Large sizes screws used for cabinet construction, furniture assembly. This type of screw is considered a coarse thread design. The Round washer head design possibly be the most versatile head design available. It combines the advantages of the Pan head design but has a washer built on to the head to increase head diameter and prevent overdriving in softwoods. General cabinet assembly, installation, hinges, metal drawer slides, wooden drawer guides, attaching lights and brackets and just a few application where the Round washer head desing is used.